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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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Monday, July 7, 2014

Whole Foods Would Like to Sell My Glam Bun Model as Food.

Skittles is a beautiful Palomino.
This is Skittles and she was adopted from an animal shelter which is why I did a professional photo shoot of her, to assure her rescue, which it did.

She is a Palomino, a breed mainly raised for fur but also meat. However, she was rescued mainly for her sentience; but also that twitching nose, heart of gold, sweet personality, and big huggableness.

Isn't she lovely? And now she's living the good life no thanks to mindsets like your corporate culture, Whole Foods.

Paws off, Whole Foods. I don't think the Forks Over Knives folks would disagree with me either. So paws off.

Know what? I also love dogs and Indonesian cockatoos but I will never go to Indonesia where dog is the second most popular dish. Nor will I ever go to Whole Foods again and I will also never recommend Whole Foods for anything other than a complete boycott.

Look at Skittles and tell me you don't see why. Why? Why would you do this?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coming Soon!

This blog will be heavily transformed over the next few months to replace my Etsy store, which I've closed due to Etsy not being an appropriate middle man for bunny lovers to find bunny things. Who needs a middle man for such a niche like bunny lovers, anyway? Not me. 

So please stay tuned. 

Thanks and Happy Spring!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Put Your Fluffy Songcatchers Up!

Put Your Fluffy Songcatchers Up!
You've heard the awesome country music star bun, Eddie Rabbitt, haven't you? Yea, you have, he's the one who sings "I Love a Rainy Night," "Hopping My Life Away," and "Kentucky Rain," right? How about "Any Which Way But Loose"? Well here he is gracing the cover of Running Bun Magazine's whimsical counterpart publication, Songcatchers.

As you can see by the full title of this magazine, it refers to those magnificent ear lobes of bunny rabbits, thus the title "Put Your Fluffy Songcatchers Up!" Or, put plainly and bluntly, put your ears up so you can hear the music better. And, in this case, the music is that gentle country music of Eddie Rabbitt!

Covers are 10" x 14" and signed by the photographer/designer. They are printed on premium fine art 'velvet' paper made of 100% cotton. Printed on the world's premier gicléé printer.

We can't say enough about the stunningly better than lifelike quality of our photo prints produced in our shop. 100% handmade from eco friendly 100% cotton fine art paper.


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An Easter Basket Full of Treasuries!

Here's a literal trove of Easter Spring fun Etsy treasuries all of which have one thing in common - they feature my professional studio photography of rescue rabbits! How fun is that? So many fun ways to incorporate bunny rabbit photo wall art into your life and home!

Here they are - enjoy!

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Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easter bunny gifts: an Etsy Treasury by Fleur of NYHop!

Yes, Easter is Coming and So Are the Bunnies! 

Here are many lovely Easter Bunny gifts in a lovely Etsy treasury by Fleur of NYHop Etsy shop. Thank you, Fleur! Please click here to visit the treasury and pass along some comments and a few hearts, thanks! Have a great Saturday!

Tread lightly, -RP

Easter bunny gifts

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easing into Easter and Bunnies Galore! Two Etsy treasuries by InspiredByRabbits

Two Etsy treasuries I just created: Easing into Easter and Bunnies Galore!

The code generator I normally use to put treasuries on my blogs no longer works. The link to the treasury is the caption of this photo. Please visit it and

Etsy Easter treasury: Ease into Easter

Bunny Photography on Etsy

Have a great Tuesday night!